Using PayDay Remote Work Software in your Home Office

2020 has seen a surge in people leaving the office and working from home. While the move to working from home has been a long time coming, with numerous companies slowly giving employees the option of cutting back their hours spent at the office and enjoying the perks of being able to work from the comfort of wherever they set up office for the day, 2020 was a game-changing year for this practice.

But with the new work from home culture comes a whole load of new concerns and things that need to be dealt with. Being away from the comfort of your office space can lead to a bunch of problems when you don’t have access to certain tools or the help of your colleagues.

Luckily, with the rise in home office workers, there has been a dramatic increase in online remote work software which can easily be accessed from home and used to great benefit. At PayDay Software Systems, most of our software is already web based, so we can help our clients ensure that it is business as usual, no matter where they are working from.

The Right Work from Home Software

Since many employees are still working from home, enjoying the benefits of being away from a corporate office, they still need to have the right kind of software to ensure that the entire experience is stress-free and productive. With PayDay’s extensive range of cloud-based products, we have what your company, and employees, need. All you need is a speedy internet connection and a PC or a laptop.


PayDay Virtual

Is a simple user-friendly online payroll and human capital system that’s easily accessible on any browser or smart device. Some of its core features include automatic calculations of statutory reports, standard reporting, secure automated back-ups, employee leave management, PDF payslips can be printed or emailed directly to employees, access to copied away historic companies for referencing. Our PayDay Virtual software is continuously updated to ensure UIF and SARS compliancy.


PayDay Visual  

An HR application (ESS Employee Self-Service) made for employee use, with PayDay Visual, employees can access and print their own payslips, they can check the amount of leave they still have available, apply for leave online, access their IRP5 forms and update their personal information. PayDay Visual is the perfect system for remote workers and it gives the employees more control over their work lives. This system is also very affordable.


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