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Principles of Payroll

To enable first time and existing payroll users to use the Payroll Module to its fullest capability. Provide the user with a basic understanding of all the different aspects of the Payroll Module.

Purpose of the course: This course must be attended by especially first time users of the PayDay system. Users of the payroll module will gain the knowledge and necessary skills to enable them to use the module to its fullest capacity and to provide the user with a clear understanding regarding most of the different aspects e.g. legislative, available on the payroll module. This course is presented in an informal and practical method and includes a full comprehensive and user friendly manual for reference purposes. You will be assured of the best, professional and newest information by our knowledgeable and qualified trainers who have been practicing in this field for many years.
Course Outline: Introduction to PayDay Log on and navigation throughout the PayDay system Setup of Company parameters and different tax types per SARS in line with company policies and legislation Engaging and Resigning of employees practically and interactively demonstrated Earnings and Deductions (salary screen) All other different functions and actions relating to the employee and related screens and fields individually explained and practically demonstrated i.e. overtime payments, advances, formula linking, permanent earning or deductions and bonus spread A demonstration of the Report Menu and its functions as well as certain examples of the most important statistical reports to generate. Search Listings and Batching The FINISH command activation and the consequences of activation of the command The payroll cycle explained Copying of company Creating a backup Month End
Who should attend: First time users must attend. Current users of the PayDay system. Anybody fulfilling a full or partial function on the payroll module including HR practitioners, individuals reporting, overseeing or managing the payroll department
Requirements: Basic computer literacy and Payroll or financial knowledge
Course Duration: 3 Days
Course Dates: Refer to schedule
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