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mSCOA Module Training

The PayDay mSCOA Module course aims to provide attendees of the course with the necessary knowledge and skill to utilize the module to its fullest. On completion of the course the attendee would be able to maintain the Posts profile on the mSCOA module, create and delete posts, link and terminate employees from posts etc.

Purpose of the course: Provides an understanding of the fundamental workings of the PayDay mSCOA Module
Course Outline: Introduction and Background. Segment explanation. Creating new mSCOA post. Linking mSCOA post to employee. Human Capital Post Module vs mSCOA Post. Post Validations. Utilities. Specific mSCOA overrides. Options.
Who should attend: Financial Manager, Payroll and HR staff dealing with mSCOA aspects
Requirements: Basic Systems knowledge
Course Duration: 1 Day
Course Dates: Refer to schedule
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