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Basic Report Writer Training

To enable existing users to advance their knowledge of the Report Writer and to enable the user to generate his/her own reports.

Purpose of the course: The course is aimed at PayDay users who wish to create and subtract their own information in a report format from the system. Information could be imported to different other systems in different formats e.g. ASCII or EXCELL. More complex calculations could be performed within the report writer of PayDay and these calculations are practically and interactively explained to the users attending this course. Participation in this course will furthermore enable the user to write, change, export or print not only the standard generic reports of PayDay, but also the personal created reports according to a company’s specific and additional reporting needs. A comprehensive, user friendly manual is supplied for reference when attending this course.
Course Outline: Understanding the basic functionalities and capabilities of the report writer system. Interactive creation of several standard orientated reports. Full explanations and demonstrations on each screen e.g. Directive page, Selection page, Heading lines and Detail lines. Working with the report writer codes. More complex calculations achieved by making use of field codes demonstrated. Fixed field codes being utilized in complex calculations to calculate with e.g. percentages, months or years. Specific criteria content selection explained and interactively demonstrated by utilizing the Selection page
Who should attend: Preferably users who attended the Principles of Payroll training already. Existing and current users on the PayDay system who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills on the report writer of the system. Managers, supervisors and system administrators. HR practitioners.
Requirements: Basic computer literacy. Preferable attended the Principles of Payroll training
Course Duration: 2 Days
Course Dates: Refer to schedule
Pretoria Training
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