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Ideally, every professional working in the finance department of any company will have a number of payroll courses, as well as related courses, in their repertoire. We’ve created a list of courses for our clients to use to enhance their knowledge.
Our informative payroll courses are conducted by a certified facilitator who will provide an all-round teaching experience, answer your questions and ensure that once the course is completed, you have a certification that will assist in improving the work you do.

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Covering everything from the basics of payroll to the more in-depth side of the subject, no stone is left unturned when experiencing this educational journey to better understanding.
Having both the skills and the ability to understand and correctly interpret the legislation surrounding payroll, employee tax, and HR duties are something that no business can do without. The laws surrounding HR management as well as payroll are never permanently set, instead, they are forever changing and evolving to accommodate the developments in each sector. By having the most up to date knowledge, professionals can be certain that the company they work for tows the line by staying on the right side of the law. And it is up to the company to ensure that they keep those working for them up to date by sending them on the right payroll courses.
Luckily for those involved, these payroll courses are the best short courses in South Africa, which means the employee will be out of the office for a day or two at the most. Short courses allow companies to correctly plan ahead while enjoying the benefits of gaining new, helpful information.

Staying compliant with the laws relating to payroll and HR should be a priority for any company.

Payroll training courses from PayDay

We’ve created an exceptional list of courses for our clients, each covering everything they need to know. Our short payroll courses are ideal for those who are already working in the industry and who need to refresh their existing knowledge, while the courses are equally perfect for those wanting to enter the industry and are looking for the best, most comprehensive course.

Each course is laid out in such a way that the trainee will learn how to integrate their knowledge with our PayDay software systems.

Payroll Courses

Currently, we have 4 courses available; Tax Calculation Workshop, Formula and Parameters Training, and Principles of Payroll.
These courses cover a wide range of must know information including everything there is to know about the PayDay payroll software systems. Those who take part in these courses will be in a great position to move onto the next set of short courses, and continuously improve on what they learn. Our payroll training classes are ideal for beginners as well as experts wanting to refresh their memories or who need to learn how to use our software.

Human Capital Courses

This selection of short courses has been designed for those working in the human resources department, especially those taking on the lead role of the HR Manager. The selection of courses include Human Capital Module Training, Leave Module Training, Equity Module Training, and Skills Reporting Training. Each module is there to ensure that the HR process runs smoothly so that the day to day functioning of the HR department continues as it should.

Other Short Courses

PayDay also includes a number of other related courses which can help a lot with filling in the gaps that might be present between the payroll and HR modules. These courses include PayDay Systems Administration Course, mSOCA Module Training, Basic Report Writer Training and Budget Module Training. This training will enhance the knowledge about the PayDay software which will help the person using it to get the most out of the system.
Along with this intensive catalogue of training modules, we also have PAYE Legislative Update Symposium, the Biannual Legislative Update Symposium, and Regional Training. It is important that those looking to join any of the courses consult the training schedule and have a look at each course to see what curriculum can be expected as well as how long each course will take. This will ensure effective planning on your side, with not a moment wasted.
At PayDay, we not only aim to provide companies of all sizes with superb Payroll and HR software, but also the knowledge necessary to ensure that the software we’ve created is optimally used. Should you have any questions relating to our training payroll courses, you can contact us via our website or you can give us a call.

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