Improve Payroll Management with Our Time and Attendance Solution Specifically for South Africa

Improve the accuracy of your payroll management and ease the burden of time and attendance registration for the HR personnel by investing in one of the best time and attendance solutions in South Africa. We provide a Time and Attendance solution as an additional part of the PayDay suite; the module makes it easy to automate the time and attendance function.

Simplicity is often the key to success and with the user-friendly features of our solution, you are able to streamline time and attendance management. It enables authorised personnel to review, edit and update, as well as approve employee times. The employees can use our Employee Self Service solution to monitor their own clock-in and movement. The line managers can also view attendance registers for their particular divisions.

The base features of the system are what set it apart from many other time and attendance solutions in South Africa. With the system in use, you will be able to improve the accuracy of your payroll, whilst also being able to control workforce expenses through smart scheduling. In addition, you can reduce the instances of absenteeism and the expenses related to such. Use the system to get accurate information in real-time about attendance, absence, and schedules. With it in place, you will also be able to accurately calculate overtime and approval for such without it being a tedious process.

Benefit even more from the easy to use time and attendance solution in South Africa by adding our Software Access Control and Employee Recognition Software to the picture – the two solutions complement our PayDay suite of modules. With the Software Access Control, your employees can log in only once their physical presences have been verified through the accurate fingerprint reader system. You can also use the Employee Recognition Software, which makes it possible to have all ten fingers of each employee recorded in the system. With such, the problem of the ghost employee is solved.

When it comes to accuracy and ease of use, our time and attendance solutions in South Africa certainly meet and exceed requirements. You will know when and where employees have clocked in and out, who exactly clocked in and will have the exact times that they have clocked in and out in a single day.

It is a user-friendly time and attendance solution, relevant to South Africa. You can get reports per employee, cost centre or department simply through the click of the mouse. It also has a built-in photo module for visual identification purposes and you set user permissions according to authorisation levels.

Download the brochure for more information to see why it is one of the best time and attendance solutions in South Africa.