5 Convincing Reasons to Get Time and Attendance Software


Time and attendance management can be a daunting task if you rely on manual recording of details as it entails piles of paper work and adds to the administrative load of HR personnel. In addition, you still have to connect hours worked with the payroll, which can become a complicated process if overtime must be calculated and when you have part-time, full-time, wage and contract workers on the same payroll.


The solution is to automate the function through time and attendance software connected to the payroll management software. The best solution is if you can get software that includes HR management, tax, accounting, time and attendance, and payroll modules. With such, everything is connected, and you thus save time and money.


But, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should automate through effective time and attendance software as available from us.


  1. Improved Schedule Management


Scheduling also takes up time. Think about tasks such as having to add clients, manage shift changes, setup schedules or making changes to such. With time and attendance software it becomes easy to handle shift changes, setup and manage schedules, determine workloads, and budget accordingly.


  1. Improved Accuracy of Information


Whenever there is paperwork, you can expect mistakes. If you still rely on spreadsheets, you will know that mistakes occur during updating of the records. Where employees are required to report their hours worked per shift, you can expect errors and even fraud. Inaccuracy costs your company money and it leads to disputes over time and attendance.


Some employees have terrible handwriting and the administrative personnel required to use the information in recording attendance often make mistakes simply because of interpreting the numbers wrong. Time theft is also a very real problem.


Through automation, using time and attendance software, you take out the human factor and thus significantly reduce the risk of inaccuracies, especially because the data collected is recorded through the software in real-time without human interference.


  1. Higher Employee Morale


Nothing can be more frustrating for an employee than having to dispute hours worked every month or having to wait for salary calculations. With the software in place, the risk of inaccuracies is significantly reduced and because employees have self-service access to check hours worked, they can also review accuracies and report on any problems before the pay day arrives. Fewer disputes about time and attendance mean higher employee morale.


  1. Improved Productivity


The manual recording of time and attendance is a tedious process – it entails collection of time cards, input of the data onto the computer and then calculation of remuneration accordingly. If only one person is responsible for such, then the process can take very long. If that person is not at the office, the function is also not performed. Instead of personnel spending hours in collection, input and calculation of time and attendance in relation to payroll, it can be done in a manner of minutes through automation using our time and attendance software. Processing is accurate and fast. Indeed, it also speeds up the running of the payroll. With such, your personnel can focus on other tasks and productivity thus increases.


  1. Efficiency in Management of Employment Arrangements


Many employees work from home, while others work at remote locations for the company. Some work part-time, others full-time, and then you also have contract workers. Managing all the employment arrangements takes considerable effort, but with time and attendance software, the task is streamlined. Various time and attendance tracking options are available, making it convenient and easy for employees to track their time even when they are not necessarily in the office.


Streamline your time and attendance, payroll and HR management functions with our easy-to-use and highly effective software solution.