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PayDay Visible – Time & Attendance

Make Every Second Count with a Biometric Clocking System for Time and Attendance Registers

This module consists of an automated time and attendance software feature that compliments PayDay’s existing suite. The biometric clocking system is simple to use and allows any authorised staff to review, edit and approve employee times.

Core Features of Biometric Clocking Systems:

  • Improves payroll accuracy.
  • Control labour costs  by means of smart scheduling.
  • Reduces absenteeism and related costs.
  • Leverage real-time attendance, scheduling and absence related information.
  • Accurate overtime calculations

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    Allows users to login only once a physical presence has been verified by a robust biometric fingerprint reader.

    Each employee on the system can have all ten fingers recorded, so as to eliminate any form of “ghost” employees.

    • Fast
    • Simple
    • Reliable
    • Secure
    • State-of-the-art hardware
    • Software developed by a company that understands your payroll and human capital requirements
    • Who clocked in
    • What time they clocked in
    • Where they clocked in
    • What time they clocked out
    Will your T&A system integrate with our existing payroll software?

    Yes, PayDay Visible can integrate with any locally hosted payroll system that is able to read and create files with the required content.


    Which biometric device brand does your T&A software integrate/speak to?

    Currently our software integrates with ZKTeco and Sagem.


    Is there a limit on the number of users who can access the system?

    We do not limit the number of user accounts.


    Which communication protocol does your device use to communicate with the software?

    Our devices use LAN, WIFI and GPRS therefore catering for external sites with limited network infrastructure.


    Is your shift rule setting complex enough?

    Yes, highly flexible to cater for any client’s individual shift rules.


    Can your software send notifications to employees if they are late?

    We are able to create a schedule where the system will send out email notifications.

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