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Employee Self Service

Enter the new world of Paperless Technology

Employee Self Service

The IRP5 document is one of the most important documents for employees as they are required to submit it as part of their annual tax returns. It includes:

  •  The employee’s personal details
  •  Details of the employee’s earnings i.e. salary, bonus, etc.
  •  Details of the employee’s deductions i.e. pension, medical aid, etc.
  •  PAYE paid over to SARS by the employer.

Physically, printing and issuing of this document is a thing of the past. With PayDay’s Employee Self Service system – PayDay Visual,  you can now enter a whole new world of paperless technology that will help you streamline your HR processes and give your employees the convenience of instantly accessing their processed IRP5’s online and the option of printing them in their own time.

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