Introducing new software into your day to day business is no easy feat when you don’t take the time to ensure that your staff are fully capable of making the most out of new systems and have a full understanding of the products.

Product based software training should be viewed as an investment into both your company and your staff. But all the training in the world would be quite meaningless if it is not done in a carefully thought out way that ensures everyone is on the same page.

PayDay has a selection of well-developed software which ranges from an employee self-service module to excellent payroll software designed to make your HR processes as seamless as possible. Our software solutions have been used across a range of industries and implemented in small, medium and large companies across South Africa and the rest of the continent.

We have extensive experience in making sure that our software is easily integrated with existing systems and that it is always user friendly, ensuring that people will get the most out of the new system.


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The Importance of Software Training Platforms


  • They improve retention and understanding

Interactive learning, which allows learners to be engaged and actually work with the product in the way that it is meant to be worked with, is key to successful learning. This approach ensures that the learner is in a position where they can retain the information. This means that when the product is implemented and needs to be used or sold, those who have been trained will know exactly what to do.


  • They allow for dynamic content creation

Content, which is the learning material, can be created in such a way that it is dynamic and again this plays an important role in knowledge retention.

Dynamic content creation is also rather flexible which means that new features, information and products can be added.


  • It hastens product/service adoption

The hands-on training means employees and whoever else requires training will be able to quickly adopt and gain an understanding of what it is that the software is teaching them, and then apply what they have learned. This means the benefits are quickly accessible and will be instantly applied.


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How to recognise good product based software training

With so many companies developing superb software, it is always good to keep in mind that not all training is going to be the same.

If you want to ensure that the training you are considering is worth the time, effort and money, this is how you will be able to recognise good training.


  1. Target focused

Target focused teaching means teaching a specific audience in a specific way.

This is done when the group being taught has similar experience or similar knowledge in their industry. For instance, managers will have experience and knowledge that is completely different to those working on the ground and so will require training that is more suited to their capabilities.

If the software being taught is going to be implemented across the board and needs to be taught to all the staff, then obviously target focused teaching won’t be necessary.


  1. Training manuals

Training manuals are an important part of the overall training process but they are equally important for once training ends and people need to refer back to something that they have forgotten. The manuals need to be set up with all of the necessary information, and laid out in such a way that the user can easily find the information they need.


  1. The software is kept up to date

The point of adopting this type of training is to ensure that staff and whoever else will be using the software have access to the most up to date information. This will allow those who use it to learn through software that addresses their current needs and situations.

The brilliant thing about any software is that it is kept up to date by developers, who are always looking for new ways to improve on the service that their platform has to offer. This also means that as the product evolves or as new products are added, the software can be altered.

Final Thoughts

Product Based Software Training has an important place in a variety of industries and a quick chat with PayDay can help you gain access to and more information about this type of revolutionary training.