How Advanced Payroll Systems Can Help to Address Remuneration and HR Management Issues

Payroll problems can lead to widespread dissatisfaction among employees, especially if such problems cause delays in payments. Employees may become disgruntled when public holidays cause payment delays. This can also be the case when the person responsible for signing payroll cheques is on holiday or out of reach.

Employees have debit orders that must be honoured, rent or mortgage fees to pay on time, and credit card payments, which if done late, have negative effects on their credit records. Such employees also have to pay interest on late rent or have to shoulder the costs of bounced debit orders.

Taking advantage of advanced payroll systems in South Africa can help employers prevent such and related payroll issues. Some of the common issues, which can be resolved when using one of the PayDay payroll systems in South Africa, are briefly discussed below.

Staying Current with Organisational Needs

In some instances, inaccuracies in the human resources information recording or payroll processing functions are not connected to human input. Companies may be using old software or may have outgrown their current solutions. It is imperative to use payroll systems in South Africa that are scalable according to organisational growth requirements, and which are flexible enough to be adapted to new remuneration structures.

Delays Because of Holidays

April is especially full of public holidays. If the employer uses a payroll system that does not enable provision for public holidays, especially with remuneration distributed weekly or bi-weekly, it can cause payroll process delays. Employees often rely on their salary payments to get them through the holiday periods, especially if they plan to go away for a long weekend or so. Such payment delays can thus lead to lower employee morale and affect the loyalty of workers.

Proper Time and Attendance Management

The payroll system should be connected to the time & attendance system. If not, one can expect inaccuracies to creep in. An employee can forget to clock out or in, which can lead to discrepancies in the work hours recorded and paid for. To avoid such a situation, employers should make use of payroll systems in South Africa that come with time & attendance modules, which include alerting features to prevent time theft or inaccuracies. Overtime hours must also be included and correctly calculated. With the PayDay Software Systems solutions, employers have the assurance of accurate time & attendance calculation and reconciliation with their payrolls.

Termination of Employment Payments

If the employer terminates an employee’s work contract without notice, the employer is responsible for payment of the full amount due for the notice period as if the employee would have worked that period.  It is essential to pay the correct notice amount and payment due for leave days not taken, overtime worked, and all other monies due. Any mistakes in this regard can lead to legal action against the employer. It is for this reason that an employer should make use of one of the reliable and comprehensive payroll systems in South Africa, enabling accurate calculation of all payments due.

Leave Payment Issues

What if an employee takes leave without proper authorisation? Does the employer get an alert? How is the payment calculated? Is it unpaid leave? These and other issues can easily be managed with the advanced payroll systems in South Africa that also have leave modules. With such modules, leave application progress, payments and processing can be handled with ease and connected to the payroll calculation and management functions.

Proper Management of Benefits

Employers often want to provide ancillary fringe benefits, such as housing, vehicle, insurance, and leave benefits or may want to give incentives for performance, such as paid leave days, bonuses or increases in remuneration. In such instances, the employers benefit from the usage of payroll systems that can manage the above with accuracy.

PayDay Software Systems offers payroll systems that are scalable, flexible and affordable, and most importantly, relevant to South Africa. Our solutions can accommodate every type of payroll calculation, facilitate various types of deductions, and enable the management of multiple payroll packages. Automatic salary increases can be facilitated, and quick changes can be made to benefits.

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