Easily Manage and Maintain Personnel Records with Our Payroll System

Imagine having a payroll system that enables employee self-service as an optional module. Think about the time savings related to updating and maintaining personnel records and the benefit of accuracy. Imagine having access to such an advanced payroll system that maintains personnel records, but without having to buy software solutions from several vendors.

Now it is possible with the PayDay Software available from us. But first, let’s take a closer look at why our software is one of the best suited payroll systems for your company, which include modules for employee self-service and easy maintenance of personnel records.

Employee Self Service

The module makes it possible for employees, supervisors, and managers to gain electronic access to the relevant employee details from their offices without having to go to the HR department. The managers can approve or decline leave requests, and confirm overtime worked. The employees can use the module for applying, viewing and printing their IRP5s, and can also print their payslips. They thus don’t have to go to the accounting or HR divisions to get the information.

Online leave applications and claims can be done with approval required before updating in the real-time system. Employees have access to their information and can update addresses, contact information, and bank details. This helps to reduce the pressure on HR personnel regarding maintenance of personnel records.

Comprehensive Payroll System

Limit SARS audit queries by using our secure and legislative compliant payroll management system. It comes with audio and visual guidance, giving the user easily accessible support throughout usage. It is a user-friendly solution with real-time updating, thus ensuring relevancy and accuracy of information. The system can be deployed on various operating platforms, including UNIX, Microsoft and Linux.

With this solution, payroll systems maintenance is minimised and automated features, such as production of IRP5s and IT3(a)s and submission to SARS using the e-filing system, ensure on time submission of tax information and reduction in the risk of getting penalties for late submissions.

It enables managers to get statistical reports on PAYE, Skills, UIF, and more. The solution includes a live update system for remuneration, salary slips, and deductions. Employees can get reports for payslips and earnings on a single page, which can be used for loan purposes. It is also possible to set up automatic salary packages, while salary scales with notches and automatic increases can be set.

Leave Module

With the leave module, it becomes easier to maintain personnel records and update their payslips and records related to leave pay, leave days allowed and taken, and payment due. Leave totals can be printed on payslips according to specific requirements, such as showing number of sick leave days taken or monetary values of leave days etc.

It is possible to setup leave rules according to employment policies and conditions, and it comes with a customisable leave calendar. Various reports can be retrieved and printed, and the module can be integrated with the Employee Self Service module for optimal administration of leave days and personnel information. The leave applications can be made using the real-time system, giving employees an easy-to-use system to make their applications without going through tedious paperwork.

Human Resources Module

You can easily store information about each employee, including personal information, benefits, education and training, health and safety, industrial relations, and career management information. It can be integrated with the Payroll module and, with HR codes and descriptions for standardised input, consistency in the personnel records can be gained and improved. The module is also linked to other modules, such as the Equity module and Skills module for accurate statutory reports.

Several other modules are available and can be used alongside or integrated with the above-mentioned modules. Now your company can have a real-time payroll management system, which enables optimal payroll systems maintenance and updating of personnel records. View our range of PayDay software solutions and buy the modules your company need to best manage time and attendance, skills records, personnel records, leave applications, tax submissions, and payslips.