How Our Payroll Software Package Makes It Easy to Stay SARS and Legislative Compliant

We make it possible to streamline various management functions in your business, whether you own a small business, manage a medium-sized company, or operate a larger enterprise. Our payroll software packages help to reduce the stress associated with salary calculations, the accuracy of pay advices, and third-party payments. Indeed, our payroll software packages, specifically applicable to South African companies, include everything you need to manage your payroll effectively.

The basic payroll software package is a modular system, enabling you to add on as you require. It includes the essential Third-Party Payments Module, in addition to a budget and photo module. It furthermore includes a General Ledger, Time and Attendance, and Third-Party HR interfaces. You determine what you need and use the specific modules relevant to your payroll management needs.

You benefit from having an accurate payroll management system when you buy the software package. It is legislative compliant, and, with such, you limit the risk of SARS audits. Should you receive an audit, you can rest assured that everything is documented and calculated in accordance with SARS requirements.

Few payroll software packages are as scalable as our basic solution. It can be deployed on various platforms, is easy to install, and offers real-time accuracy. Better still, your employees will not require special training to use it since it comes with audio and visual systematic guidance.

The system produces the necessary IRP5s, in addition to IRT3(a) documents. It also provides for electronic submission of such to SARS, saving you time and effort. It enables the production of statistical reports, including PAYE, Skills and UIF reports. Real-time updates are made regarding tax and net salary upon entering of the data. You can furthermore benefit from the 12-month reporting feature regarding salary payments. Lastly, it allows you to set the system for automatic salary increases according to salary scales and can have automated package calculations.

The core features of the payroll software already set it apart as one of the easiest and best payroll software packages for small- and medium-sized companies. It has comprehensive security features according to bank requirements and can process an unlimited total of cheques. The file format is compliant with requirements of the major banks in South Africa. With this system, you can consolidate all your company cheque payments into one company and can then make payments via EFT or cheque deposits.

Call us for more information on our payroll software packages or download the brochure for an overview of what our solutions can do for your payroll management.