Get the Best Payroll Software Designed Specifically for Businesses Operating in South Africa

If you are looking for sophisticated, yet easy-to-use payroll software for businesses in South Africa, consider the PayDay Software Systems solution. What sets this payroll software apart from other solutions on the South African market is the modularity of the system. Instead of having to invest in features your company does not initially require, you can use only the modules you need right now.

Scaling up is as easy as adding another module. On PayDay Prime our payroll software is compliant with South African legislation and exceptionally user-friendly; in fact, it even comes with voice guidance. As such, the user receives guidance with every step and there is thus no need to read countless pages of instructions. Help is available when needed, making it very easy to learn. Apart from the audio guidance, the user benefits from visual guidance, which helps to take the guesswork out of learning a new system.

This modular payroll software is ideal for South Africa and consists of various modules and interfaces, i.e. third-party, budget, photo modules, to name a few. Some of our interfaces include general ledger, time and attendance, and that of the third-party HR system. What also sets our payroll software solution for South Africa apart from other offerings is the fact that it is a fully integrated payroll, HR, and time and attendance solution as well. Packed with many excellent features, the payroll solution stays current, ensuring full compliance with SARS’s regulations, as well as the relevant accounting and labour legislative requirements.

The solution can be deployed on UNIX, Microsoft, and Linux platforms. You can use the PayDay Software Systems solution to produce the IRP5 certificates, as well as electronic files for submission to SARS via the SARS eFiling system. Use the Statistical Reporting feature to gain an overview of trends regarding salaries, UIF, PAYE, skills, and IOD.

Though it is a software solution, it is also a real-time system; the tax, deductions, and calculations are updated as the entries are made on the live payslip screen. It also has the ability to perform automated package calculations, and salary scales can be set with automatic increases and notches. With the automatic increases, the management of salary pay scales is thus streamlined, helping to reduce the workload of your payroll personnel. Benefit from the 12-month reporting feature that includes reporting of payslips on a single page, making it easier to get an overview of the information.

PayDay Software Systems is known for superior-quality products, superb support, and the design of payroll software, specifically for South African businesses.