How Will Your Large Business Benefit from Our Virtual Solution and Offline Payroll Software?

With the high-speed internet of today, it is now possible for businesses to take their payroll management virtual. Indeed, apart from our offline payroll software for large businesses, we offer PayDay Virtual. It is similar to offline payroll software for large businesses, except that it is a real-time virtual concept.

Using the PayDay Virtual system, you can pay your employees from anywhere. It can be accessed from any device and is available 24/7. It is as easy as logging in and starting to work. The system is SARS, legislative and UIF compliant. Payslips are in PDF format and you can email the payslips.

It is as useful for small businesses as it is for large businesses. It comes with standard reporting features and automated secure backups. All the data backups are done daily and are stored offsite. As such, the risk of losing valuable payroll information is eliminated. It is an affordable online solution, regardless of the size of your business. We will set it up and predefine the earnings for you. With such, you do not even have to deal with complicated payroll software installations.

If you, however, want payroll software for a large business, which is still real-time, but not virtual, consider our modular payroll management software. Indeed, with the modular design, you can use the features and modules relevant to the size and complexity of your payroll management function. It is a fully integrated payroll and human capital software relevant to any size business operations of today.

It comes with interfaces for Time and Attendance, Third-Party HR Systems, and General Ledger. Also, benefit from using the photo, third-party payment and budget modules. It is easy to use and comes with audio and visual guidance, making it possible to learn how to use the software system as you go.

You also get the 12-month salary-reporting feature and can set the system for automated salary increases according to salary pay scales. Produce IRP5s and IRT3(a) documents with electronic submission to SARS. Review salary payments using the statistical reporting feature. The payroll software for large businesses can be deployed on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Unix.

The payroll software for large businesses comes with superb security features according to bank requirements. It includes the ability to record an unlimited number of cheques and has file formats according to the requirements of all the major banks.

Whether you want to use a virtual solution or prefer the scalable and modular payroll software for a large business, you will benefit from our range of solutions. Contact us today for more information.