An Easy-to-Use Payroll System for Streamlined Salary Management

Are you looking for software that includes all the features you need to ensure a comprehensive payroll and human resources system for your company? Consider the PayDay payroll software features below and you will agree that the system includes everything you need to streamline the payroll management function.

The easy-to-use system offers real-time updates and thus ensures superior accuracy. With no time delays between input and updating of the information, you have the assurance of accuracy and relevancy of data. It comes with audio and visual guidance, making it possible for the administrators and users to use the system without having to undergo extensive and time-consuming training.

Another one of the important software features is the fact that it can be deployed on various platforms. Whether you thus operate on Windows, UNIX, or Linux, it is a system that can work for your company.

Other important software features to consider include the ability to produce statistical reports for PAYE, UIF, Skills, and IOD. In addition, the system produces electronic files for direct submission to SARS. This helps to reduce the risk of incorrect or late submissions, and it helps to reduce the workload associated with the creation of IRP5 and IT3(a) certificates.

Eliminate the risk of incorrect payslip information by using our payroll software. It features the ability to update tax and net salary information on the payslips immediately upon entering the relevant data on the Live Payslips screen. You can also have 12-month reports regarding the last 12 months’ salaries on a single page.

Keep up to date with salary increases with the automatic salary pay scales and automated increases. Another one of the useful features of the payroll software is the ability it provides for automated package calculations.

Add the third-party payment solution to the picture and you have a viable alternative to processing third-party payments through your company’s financial system. The system can handle an unlimited number of cheques, file formats for all the major banks, and cheque payment lists. With the solution you can consolidate all your company cheque payments into a single company, enabling you to make payments through EFT, ACB transfers, or cheques.

You can also add and make use of the general ledger interface, which gives you an interface between your payroll and financial expenditure system. For complete management of the payroll, make use of the time and attendance interface, which enables you to connect the time and attendance system directly to the payroll system for streamlined human resources management.

With all the above software features in one cost-effective solution, it is time to change the way you process payroll tasks. Make it easier and more accurate. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and for more information on how we can help you streamline payroll management.