What to Look for in Payroll Software for 2018

It is essential to invest in accurate and easy to manage payroll software for 2018, relevant to any size business that operates in South Africa. You want your payroll software to be relevant to the here and now. That means it must be up to date with 2018 tax legislation and compliance requirements.

Such a system should be modular to ensure that you can select the modules relevant to your payroll and HR management requirements. The perfect payroll for 2018 is a system that enables you to access and manage information from any device.

Payroll software for 2018 should also enable you to work in the cloud. This means enabling access to the payroll information from anywhere with internet connectivity. Such a system must be user-friendly, easily accessible from any device or internet browser, and SARS compliant. The data must be secure and the service provider should have a call centre to provide telephonic support when needed. You want the simplicity of being able to print or email payslips without any hassles.

Our Solution

With our hosted virtual payroll software for 2018, paying employees is as straightforward as logging in and making the necessary payments. The system allows for automatic calculations of statutory deductions relevant to the 2018 tax year. The risk of data loss is eliminated with an optional disaster recovery service.

The responsive view makes it possible to work with ease on any type of device, whether it is a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. You do not need to install any software or handle the updates. Indeed, PayDay Software will handle the setup of predefined earnings and deductions and ensure that all updates are loaded when and where needed. As such, your payroll management will be relevant to 2018 and will stay current. The data backups are done daily and with storage off-site, you have the assurance of data safety and security.

Your employees can also benefit from PayDay Visual, enabling them to log in and update their personal details on their IRP5 documents. With the virtual software solution, details such as earnings, deductions and PAYE paid over by the employer are available and easily accessible. Consequently, you no longer have to print and issue the IRP5 documents. With the paperless technology of the virtual world, employees have access to their processed IRP5s via an internet connection and have the option of printing the documents if they so wish.

Employees can view their leave balances, apply online for leave, and can view and print their previous payslips for up to 11 months. They can also view their IRP5 documents since 2006. Employees are able to update their bank details and addresses, helping to reduce the administrative load of payroll and human resource officers. Managers have access to leave and overtime matrices.

Managing payroll has never been easier, regardless of the size of the company. Let us help you with the migration to the virtual world of payroll management. Invest in virtual payroll software for 2018. Contact PayDay Software Systems today.