At the forefront of most security technology used in business today, the time and attendance system is easily the most valuable and most used of them all. Selecting a time and attendance system for your business not only improves the overall security, but it has the power to improve your data collection.

Traditionally, time and attendance systems were mostly used to enable employees to quickly and easily clock into and out of work each day. Eliminating the need for overwhelming amounts of paperwork that can so easily go missing or be inaccurate, these systems have become an absolute must for big businesses, warehouses and those who work remotely.

Using all types of mobile devices with biometric hardware and a reliable internet connection including smartphones, tablets and laptops, data is quite instantly transferred from those entering it, to a secure database where it is stored, to be accessed later on when needed.

Time and attendance systems and devices of today, such as PaydDay Visible, are so much more advanced when compared to their predecessors. Equipped with various functions, depending on the type of system you choose and company you choose to work with, the system you decide on will be perfectly capable of handling all of your requirements.

Time and Attendance system payday visible

Why is now the best time for a time and attendance system?

If you haven’t already revolutionised your business by adding a time and attendance system to your current set up, now is the best time to get yourself sorted with an advanced system that is easy to use and more than capable of collecting all of the necessary data.

Although you might not initially realise it, time and attendance systems are beneficial for both employers and employees alike. Depending on what they are being used for, these systems can make life a whole lot easier for companies and those who work for them.

If your payroll, or another part of your company is already partly automated, adding a time and attendance system is just about guaranteed to simplify the work that you do and in the long run, it is almost certainly going to help you save money.

As companies move out of the COVID-19 lockdowns, and remote working slowly becomes the norm, integrating a time and attendance system right now, into your current set up, might just prove to be the most beneficial thing you do.

The Benefits

From removing the time consuming paperwork, to minimising error, there are a myriad of reasons why you will benefit.

  1. You will save money

Cutting back on costs is something that every company should be keen on looking into. Time and attendance systems save money by reducing the chance of inaccuracies in data collection (something which can result in more money being paid out than necessary for things like overtime), reducing the possibility of staff knowingly entering false times to cheat the system, and it can reduce the possibility of staff signing in on behalf of one another.

You can only save if you use the right system, which is why your selection should be carefully considered.

  1. You can look forward to improved data

Accurate data is one of the most valuable and important aspects of business at the moment. With accurate data you can improve the way you do business and as a result grow your company. Improved data collection also ensures that your records are always correct.

  1. You will have better shift management

If your company works primarily with shift work, a proper time and attendance system will put you in a position that will make it a whole lot easier to manage. Schedules can be quickly sorted out automatically rather than manually, which again will improve accuracy and even save time.

  1. You will have more time

Manually shifting through data and other information to work out over time, create work schedules and to basically ensure that employees arrive and leave when they say they do, is time consuming and takes employees away from doing more important work. With a time and attendance system in place, you can make more time for your employees to put their skills to better use.

Payday Support

PayDay Visible

For those companies who are looking for something innovative and adaptable, our time and attendance application is the perfect solution.

PayDay Visible is specifically designed to tell you who has clocked in, the time they clocked in, when they clocked out and again, the time they clocked out. It is fast and incredibly easy to use, immensely reliable and designed to keep the data it collects secure.

We have a great understanding of payroll and the various requirements surrounding human capital, and we can assist your company in implementing our expert software.