PayDay Software and Training

As committed as we are to providing our clients with an extensive range of business-specific software, we are well aware of the fact that the software is only effective if those who are using it have a full understanding of what the software can do.

Understanding software need not be a tricky fiasco, and the learning process should not be something that takes up all of your time and leaves you with more questions than answers. The sign of any good software is its ability to be easy to use and easy to learn. Overly complicated software used in a business is likely to cause more trouble than its worth, and when you are struggling to get your software to work optimally, you might just give up on the software altogether.

This is not ideal for any business and can be avoided completely should you have the right training and information at your disposal.

With this in mind, at PayDay, we don’t expect our clients to be on their own once they have bought our software. Instead, we provide full software training for all of our software modules, ensuring that our clients are never confused or left in the dark about the modules meant to improve their day to day business.


Our Software Solutions

We pride ourselves on creating a catalogue of software solutions that can be integrated into various companies. Not only is our software easily added to company set ups as new systems, but can also be integrated into existing software, furthering the capabilities that you already have at your disposal.

Our PayDay Virtual software is an online based payroll and human capital solution, which offers convenience and flexibility, especially as more and more companies are working remotely.

Our software systems continuously undergo developments to ensure that our clients continue to benefit from the new features that we add and the various improvements that we make. With our cloud- based software, we are able to implement changes that can instantly benefit you.

Of our many software solutions, our most popular options include Payroll, Human Capital, PayDay Visible (Time and Attendance), PayDay Virtual (Online, Payroll and HR) and PayDay Visual (Employee Self-Service) .

Along with our software solutions we also offer a variety of courses that are directly related to the software as well as the focus area of the software.


Training Overview

Our training is split up into a few categories. Payroll Courses and Human Capital Courses are our main courses while we also have a collection of various other courses as well as seminars, practical workshops, regional and onsite training.

Each of our courses are created to help professionals improve their knowledge and understanding of the software that they are using in order to use it to its full potential. The courses are conducted by a certified trainer who can provide an all-round teaching experience and can share unique and helpful knowledge. Our facilitators can answer all PayDay software related questions, attendees will receive hands-on practical training on the software as well as receive a detailed training manual. Upon completion of the course, attendees  are presented with an attendance certificate.


Payroll Courses

Our payroll courses include – Principles of payroll, Tax Calculation, Formula writing and a Payroll refresher course. These courses are a must for first time PayDay payroll software users. Current users will also benefit from a refresher as there are always new updates and improvements on the system. In fact, anyone fulfilling a full or partial function on the payroll module including HR practitioners, individuals reporting, overseeing or managing the payroll department will benefit from attending these payroll courses.


Human Capital Courses

Our Human Capital courses includes training on the following modules- Human Capital, Leave, Equity, Skills Extraction Tools, Post and ESS. These courses will assist first time and current PayDay HR software users - anyone fulfilling a full or partial function on the HR module including HR practitioners, individuals reporting, overseeing or managing the HR department.


Our other courses

Other than the primary Payroll and Human Capital courses, PayDay also offers training on other various modules.


The PayDay Systems Administration course is aimed at providing attendees with the necessary knowledge and skill to assist PayDay users internally from an administrator’s level. The mSCOA and Budget module is aimed at local government users that work with posts. The Basic report writer course enables existing users to advance their knowledge of the Report Writer module and enable them to generate his/her own reports – a competency certificate is awarded upon successful completion of this course.

Seminars and Practical Workshops

The annual Payroll Tax Seminar usually takes place around March/April after the national budget speech. This event takes place in various regions around the country and is aimed at addressing all newest government regulations and amendments pertaining to the payroll department, system enhancements as well as presentations by PayDay and other stakeholders e.g., SARS, e@syFile, UIF and Compensation fund. The Biannual Tax Seminar is a related event, and this usually takes place around September/October of the same year.

Regional training takes place quarterly at predetermined regions based on customer survey results that identifies specific course training needs.

Onsite training is also another training option should companies require one-on-one training at their offices.


Should you have any questions about the various training that PayDay offers, simply send an email to our training department – and a friendly training consultant will be in touch.