Paper is a thing of the past. With the world becoming fully digitised, there is no surprise that many of the usual day to day business tasks have moved online.

Various Payroll and HR tasks have become adapted to this new online digital approach, and are now hosted and supported by software that connects to the web. For those using this approach, online support and software is making work life easier by speeding up processes and improving work accuracy. You might enjoy our blog on ESS software and the software training we offer.

Depending on software to get things done is without a doubt the direction in which the world is moving, and with an array of software options available, companies of all kinds have many options at their disposal.

PayDay Software is always at the forefront of cutting edge technology. We are continuously developing our Payroll and HR programmes and adding new key features to ensure that our clients have nothing less than the very best tools to complete their tasks.

Our affordable software is incredibly easy to use, and with our client support structures, we are always ready and able to help out should you need assistance in any way.

Keeping the workforce happy with Payroll and HR software

While it might seem like a far stretch to say that this kind of software is capable of improving the overall company morale, this software can do just that. Online systems make accessing data easier than ever before, something that has become a much sought-after benefit in this world of remote working.

With online software for payroll and HR, company employees can access their information, complete leave forms and input their working hours whenever they need to, without having to come into the office.

Not only does this take the stress out of doing admin, for the company, its busy HR and finance department, and for its employees, but it also ensures that the admin is accurate as it eliminates the possibility of human error.

HR software mostly relates to the all-important time and attendance system that remote workers, and shift workers alike, need in order for the payroll processes to be correctly completed. With time and attendance, HR can correctly determine the amount of time worked in a month so that salaries can be correctly calculated and paid out.

With the right payroll and HR software, the right departments can plan ahead for any surprises that may crop up in a work month and sort them out quite quickly and easily. Such systems are also fantastic for tracking the working patterns of remote working employees, finding out how much leave they use and also figuring out who might have higher rates of absence.

Choosing the Software Solutions for your Business

Ideally, the system you select should be the one that best suits your company’s unique needs. This same solution should also become the helpful tool that enables your company to grow and work efficiently.

This particular piece of HR and Payroll software will be a part of the tools you will use every day and as such it is important that you select the tools that will assist you in doing the best possible work. In the long run, such a system is going to be key to the success of the business, so it pays to take the time to learn all about the various software options out there.

When you are choosing the software, make sure that price is not the only consideration you make. Have a look at the history of the company and always have a look at the reviews that past clients have left. This will give you a fairly good indication about the reliability of the software and how it is going to work for you in the long run.

The next big consideration you will have to make concerns the software features.

You need to make sure that you have selected the software that will suit all of your payroll and HR needs, and having the right features is the only way to ensure that your day to day tasks can actually be done, and done correctly. You shouldn’t just look for the features that best suit your current needs, but also those that might help you later on.


Access to new features, even those you have not considered before, is a great way to expand your business and maybe even improve the way in which you are currently doing your work.


For HR and Payroll software that goes beyond expectations, PayDay can assist you. Our software is trusted by companies throughout Africa, and can easily be incorporated into your current software setup.