The festive season is upon us. Please remember to update your PayDay Calendar in order to ensure Accurate Leave Calculations!

Simply login on your PayDay Prime System and do the following:

  •   Type “CAL” in the enter selection space, press enter and your Calendar will appear
  •   Select your holiday dates for the remainder of the year
  •   Most importantly, setup up your 2019 PayDay Calendar!
  •   Input all 2019 public holiday’s and any other special holiday’s and dates as per your company policies

If you have different Calendars or more than one Calendar, contact a PayDay consultant to assist you with updating those Calendars. Email: or call: 012 803 7730


Enter The New World of Paperless Technology


All Calendar updates on PayDay Prime will automatically be carried through to the online Platforms – PayDay Virtual and PayDay Visual.

  • With PayDay Visual, managing leave transactions has never been easier!
  • Easily accessible on any browser, employees can submit leave transactions directly from their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Enter the new world of paperless technology that will help streamline your Human Capital processes.

For more information call 012 803 7730 or send an email to