Everything You Need to Manage Your Payroll and Human Resources Effectively

Ensure statutory compliance and streamline your payroll and human resource management with our range of payroll and human resource systems, whether you own a small company or operate a national group of companies.

Virtual Online Payroll & Human Resource System

Take the hassle out of salary payments and control with one of our easy-to-use payroll and human resource systems. It is a straightforward system, boasting superb accessibility from any browser, regardless of the device type. This means you can access PayDay Virtual and make payments to employees even if you are away from the office. Your employees can check their details and salary histories from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.

It is as simple as logging in and starting to work. If you are looking for a payroll and human resource management solution that is always SARS, UIF and legislative compliant, then PayDay Virtual is the answer. All data is secure and protected, and should you have a problem while online, simply call the dedicated call centre for professional support. You can print or email the PDF payslips by simply clicking the relevant option.

Manage employee leave, report on such, and view the leave history. Print PDF payslips or email it directly to the employees. You can benefit from features such as:

  • No minimum contract and setup fees, making it one of the most affordable payroll & human resource systems also for smaller businesses.
  • Automatic calculations of deductions according to statutory requirements, ensuring accuracy on the payslips.
  • Secure automated backups, preventing data loss as the result of human error when doing backups.
  • Standard reporting for improved management of payroll and human resource information.


The system is designed for exceptional responsiveness for optimal working regardless of device used. The earnings and deductions are predefined, making it possible to start working without that hassle of having to setup such. You don’t need to install any software or do software upgrades since PayDay Software Systems takes care of the updates, ensuring that your payroll management is always legislative compliant. Daily scheduled data backups are done, and the data is stored remotely for safekeeping.

Integrated Time and Attendance, Payroll and Human Capital System

Are you ready for an advanced and fully integrated system to make the best use of your human resources? Then you will love what this solution from PayDay Software Systems can do for your company. It comes with various modules such as:

Leave Module

It comes with features such as leave types and totals printed on payslips, leave balances, statutory, rules setup according to your requirements, and reporting, as well as customisable leave calendars.

Equity Module

The module generates the EEA2 and EEA4 forms to submit to the Department of Labour. It features correct format reporting, grouping of various companies, and goal targeting.

Human Resource Module

PayDay Software Systems understands the importance of improved human capital management. As such, we also offer you the HR module for recording and management of information about employment information, personal details, health and safety, education and training, industrial relations, and career management.

Post Module

Keep record of all vacant and filled posts in your company with unique post numbers. You can setup a full organogram structure, keep detailed job history related to each post, and benefit from automatic updating of posts upon resignation of employees. Prevent fraud with the feature that allows new employees to only be connected to vacant posts.

Skills Module

Benefit from using the module to keep a database of training, employee education, and company information for the Annual Training Report and Workplace Skills Plan.


Whether you need a straightforward payroll solution for your small business or want a fully integrated and sophisticated solution suitable for a large organisation, you can rely on PayDay Software Systems for relevant and affordable systems.