Must-Have Features of HR and Payroll Software Packages

With an extensive range of HR and payroll software packages available on the market, how do you choose one that is right for your company? To answer the question, let us look at must-have features for HR and payroll software packages.

Payroll Processing is More than Just Salary Payments

At PayDay Software Systems we know that payroll management is a time-consuming endeavour. As such, we know that you want an HR and payroll software package to streamline the function. With that in mind, you will want a package that can grow with your needs. A fully integrated solution is best. It should include integration with time and attendance tracking, HR capital management, third-party payments, electronic file generation for easy submission to SARS via eFiling, and automatic salary increase functionality. It should also include a General Ledger interface and make it as easy as possible to calculate overtime, commission, day wages, monthly salaries, and leave pay.

What we offer you at PayDay Software Systems is an HR and payroll software package that enables easy bank reconciliation and real-time updating of information. You will also want to give your employees the ability to update their information, submit leave applications and monitor the progress of such. One of the packages with an employee portal is best if you operate a large firm.

If you have a smaller company, you will want one of the HR and payroll software packages offering a virtual entry point. With such, you can manage the payroll function from anywhere, as long as you have internet connectivity.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Scalability is essential. You do not want to pay for functions you do not yet have to use. With that in mind, invest in one of the HR and payroll software packages with a modular design. Thus, you are able to add new modules as needed or down-scale when required. You therefore only pay for what you use.

Cost of ownership can consequently be reduced when you only have to purchase the modules you use. With it also comes the next important point. Integration capabilities are important. You may not have an immediate need to connect with a time and attendance system or HR management system, but should you need to do so in one or two years, you want the assurance that all the modules can be integrated for streamlined management of human resources and payroll. It will also help you to keep the necessary processing expense to a minimum.

Employee payment is what payroll management is about. The solution must enable you to process various types of employee payments without errors. Keep in mind that the payroll is closely linked to tax calculations. Mistakes on the salary slips regarding tax deductions can land you in deep water with SARS. Hence, you want a solution that ensures accurate salary increases, deductions, and payments.

Where to Find?

At PayDay Software Systems, we offer various HR and payroll software packages, in addition to giving you the option of online processing. As such, we have a solution to meet your particular requirements. Contact our PayDay Software Systems team find out more about our various products and how we can help you.