What HR and Payroll Management Software Solution Do You Need?

Streamlining the human resources management function together with accurate payroll management starts by getting the right HR and payroll management software for your company. We have the solution, offering you a fully integrated HR and payroll management software system that can grow with your business.

The software solution is made for the modern business environment and fully embraces the technology available to us today.

Employee Self-Service

Employees are in the best position to determine the accuracy of their tax documents. By giving them access to their IRP5 documents, you reduce the risk of mistakes. In addition, the IRP5 document is an essential document for tax submission. It includes important information such as employee personal details, earnings, bonuses, and more. It also contains the necessary information about deductions for medical aid contributions, pension, and the likes. Most importantly, it details the PAYE that has been paid over by the employer.

If the HR personnel must rely on the employees to visit them to update information required, they soon realise that it is a daunting task to keep the information up to date. With the self-service feature of our HR and payroll management software, we help to free up valuable time and resources. There is no need to manually update, print and issue the IRP5 documents. With the paperless technology available if you use PayDay Visual the employees have instant access to their IRP5 documents from wherever they are. They can print the documents if they want and as such, your HR personnel can focus on other important tasks.

Time and Attendance

Add to the above functionality, the Time and Attendance software, and your HR personnel can keep track of employees in a more affordable way. The automated time and attendance solution can be used along with biometric time clocks. With such information already part of the system, it is easier to manage the payroll.

Human Capital

Hiring the right employee for the right job is essential. The employee is an asset and the only way to retain the asset is to ensure that you keep close tabs on the employee’s training, career path, and their skills levels. You can add the Human Capital software to your existing PayDay HR and payroll management software.

Payroll Management

Start with the Payroll Management solution as it makes third-party payments a breeze, provides you with a budget module, photo module, time and attendance interface, general ledger interface, and third-party & HR interface.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Why not let our consultants help you choose the HR and payroll management software solution from our product stable that meets your particular requirements? Give us a call or make use our online contact facility to get started.