Top Reasons to Add Employee Self-Service to Your Payroll Management

Self-service provides employees direct access to payroll and personal information. With access control in place, unauthorised access is prevented. Although employees have access to their information and can make certain changes, they can only update, change or add information as pre-authorised according to their user profiles. As such, the portal provides security to prevent data breaches and gives employees access to information when and where needed.

Employee self-service, often called employee portal, offers a host of benefits, of which we discuss a few below.


  1. Provide Employees with Control Over Their Personal Details

Your human resources personnel have far too many important tasks to handle daily for them to focus on the administrative task of updating their employee information. Streamline the payroll and HR management functions with an employee self-service module – whether online or through our software solution. The employee self-service makes it possible for workers to update information, such as postal address, home address, phone numbers and bank account details. With such, the risk of outdated information is thus eliminated as the employees are in control of ensuring accuracy and relevancy of information.


  1. Employees Can Track Leave Application Progress

By enabling employees to track their leave application progress, they are able to view how many leave days have been taken, how many days they can take, and whether their leave applications have been approved and processed.


  1. Provide Employees Access to Important Information

Do you want employees to stay current with payroll and benefit information? With employee self-service you can add important information to the portal, ensuring that employees can read and keep up to date regarding policies about leave, payroll, and hours worked.


  1. Employees Gain Access to Tax Certificates

With the self-service option, employees can check the accuracy of their tax certificates and can immediately verify the content against the values uploaded to SARS by the employer.


  1. Give Access to Historical Data

Employees are able to check their salary history, indicative of hours worked, leave taken, period worked, and deductions made. Consequently, they do not have to approach the HR personnel to get the information.


What Next?

Add the employee self-service to your payroll management and ease the workload of your HR personnel. View PayDay’s full range of payroll solutions and modules, and give us a call to help you get started.