Online Employee Self-Service Solution for Modern Businesses

Paper-based filing of important employee information is now something of the past. Besides doing your part for the environment by migrating from a paper-based system to using a software system, you also help your employees gain more control over their personal information with our PayDay Visual’s employee self-service application.


What Does It Entail?

PayDay Visual is an online employee self-service application that makes it possible for employees to log in from anywhere to view their leave balances, submit online leave applications, view the progress of such applications, and update their personal information. The employees can update their addresses and bank details without having to engage directly with the human resources department.

The employee self-service application is easy to use and, consequently, your employees do not need the support of the IT department to use the system effectively. It is a time-saving solution for both managers and employees. The system always remains current and the information uploaded is immediately visible and available to all relative parties.

With previous years IRP5s available, employees can get an overview of their tax history and can print out their IRP5 certificates to be used in the submission of their annual returns. With PayDay Visual, the employees do not have to wait for the HR department to issue their certificates. They can confirm their details and do the submissions when required.


Core features of the employee-self-service application include:

  • Online viewing of leave balances.
  • Availability of payslips for the past 11 months.
  • Availability of IRP5 certificates back to 2006.
  • Availability of leave and overtime information to the managers.
  • Live updating of information.
  • Overtime claim submission and progress of approval.
  • PDF payslips can be viewed, emailed, or printed.

It is an affordable self-service application that fits any size business. The company logo can be added to the payslips, enabling employees to get proof of income if they, for instance, want to open store accounts or apply for other types of credit. It is exceptionally accessible with support for all types of browsers on devices, such as desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. All the administrative functions related to employee information can be completed online, helping to streamline the HR function.

Access control and limitations regarding what data can be amended, uploaded or deleted to ensure the integrity of such. Automatic data backups and information being stored in the cloud provide for highly secure data. Give your employees access to essential information and streamline the provision of IRP5 certificates by making use of the PayDay Visual employee self-service software solution.