How to Choose the Correct Employee Payroll Software

South Africa has unique payroll processing requirements. We have third-party payments that must be made and the tax laws in South Africa differ vastly from the tax laws in other countries, such as the USA and UK. As such, it makes sense to invest in employee payroll software relevant to South Africa rather than opting for a universal system.

Below are important tips regarding the selection of employee payroll software as relevant to companies in South Africa.

Size is Important

You can skimp on the employee payroll software, but be warned! If it cannot handle the size of the payroll, the number of salary slips, and IRP5 certificate requirements, it is useless. Select employee payroll software that meets your company size requirements. Likewise, you do not want to invest in software you will not use to its full capacity. Make sure you select a solution that can handle the deductions, calculations and processes in line with the various related acts in South Africa.

Automation Helps to Avoid Human Error

Employee tax regulations change with time. Keeping up with all the legislative changes can be a daunting task and what was relevant or correct for the previous tax year, may very well cause errors in your payroll processing this year. You are, for instance, required to do PAYE reconciliation biannually and in future will need to do quarterly, and then monthly submissions. Let the system keep up to date with all the requirements.

Ease of Use Helps to Reduce Errors

Of course, it is important to have the relevant employees undergo training to ensure they can use the software, but what about questions that pop up after training? Select a solution that comes with audio and visual guidance to help minimise the need to call in for support. That said – it is essential to buy employee payroll software from a company that provides telephonic support where needed.

Think Modular

Choose software that is scalable. Start with only the payroll function and then add the HR function when needed. You want a solution that can be fully integrated, operated from various platforms, and that enables the connection with your time and attendance system.

Where to Get It?

View our range of employee payroll software solutions relevant to South Africa and call us to help you decide which modules to install. Our solutions are scalable and provide for real-time updating. In addition, you can choose the virtual solution, well suited for the smaller firm, or the complete solution perfect for medium to large companies in South Africa.