Improve Control and Reduce Workload with Easy to Use Payroll Systems


If you are looking for easy to use payroll systems, then look no further than PayDay Software Systems. We offer turn-key solutions with various modules to streamline all your payroll functions.


The main purpose of our easy to use payroll systems is to give you a streamlined, highly functional, and legally compliant solution to manage your payroll securely.


Why choose our easy to use payroll systems?


For one, every solution we provide is user-friendly. This is important because you want to reduce the workload of IT personnel and not add to it. As such, the user must be able to use the payroll system without the help of IT experts. It is also important to reduce the time and effort when it comes to training of new personnel. It must be as easy as 1-2-3 to learn the features of the system if you want your HR personnel to be more productive. Automation is only effective if it helps to reduce workload and any software system that is not easy to use will mean slower input and calculation, an increase in errors, and ultimately a lot of frustration. Our easy to use payroll systems meet all the requirements for user-friendliness and thereby help your company to speed up payroll processing.


Useful features


Even if it is the very first time that someone uses the system, they will not get stuck. Easy-to-follow instructions are available and to make it even easier to perform new tasks, the guidance is also available in audio. It is almost like having an expert stand next to you, giving you instructions regarding what to do next and how to do it.


Updates are made in real time, translating into a higher level of accuracy. Indeed, with the real-time concept you can be assured that all changes reflect immediately. With this also comes the benefit of being able to print out reports that are accurate and have payslips updated immediately. Employees can follow the progress of their leave applications, payments due and more in real time.


Our easy-to-use payroll systems can be deployed on a wide range of platforms, including Microsoft, Unix, and Linux. With such, the risk of incompatibility because of platform usage is eliminated.


Of course, any payroll management system that does not make it easier to manage SARS compliance is a waste. Fortunately, our solutions enable you to produce IRP5s and IT3(a)s as well as electronic files, and submit such to SARS electronically. Consequently, the risk of oversight is eliminated. In addition, tax and salary information is updated on-screen and in real time. Likewise, deductions show immediately. Reporting is made easier with the statistical reporting function. With it, you can produce statistical reports for PAYE, IOD, Skills, and UIF. The 12-month report contains the payslips for 12 months on a single page, in addition to salary structuring elements.


Salary recording is just as easy. You have the advantage of being able to produce salary scales with automatic increases, and you can also setup automatic package calculations.


Our easy-to-use payroll systems come with various interfaces to meet your particular payroll management requirements. You can make use of various modules or focus on just the payroll function. Manage your time and attendance, third-party payments, human capital, and skills effectively with the integrated systems available. Your employees can also make use of the self-service functionality to apply for IRP5 certificates, check the progress of leave applications, update their personal details, and more.


What next?


Download our brochure for easy to use payroll systems and get in touch with our team for a quote or more information on the deployment and application of the various systems available.