Payroll Software Needs to Be Comprehensive but Easy to Use

If the sole concern, when looking for payroll software, was that it should be easy to use, there are plenty of products that can be purchased over the counter at one of the local PC stores and even one or two that can be downloaded at no charge from the internet. The latter, however, are often accompanied by unwelcome baggage in the form of security risks and unwelcome advertising. While some of the proprietary products may well prove adequate for an informal business consisting of an owner and three or four employees, their generally rather limited functionality is likely to fall well short of the more sophisticated requirements of the average medium to large company.

Let us stop for a moment to examine the needs of a typical formal sector employer in South Africa. When tasked with managing the salaries and wages function for employees, it is no longer sufficient to hand out cheques or pay packets containing cash without an accompanying payslip. Furthermore, changes in legislation have seen the mandatory information required from an employer when completing these slips increased substantially. Any failure on the part of the employer to comply could result in stiff penalties, and provides at least one sound reason to invest in a payroll software package with the ability to generate comprehensive payslips. Incidentally, the program purchased should also allow the operator to update the payslip format in the event that these requirements should change at some time in the future.

Although we are now a full three decades into the digital age, there are still a great many values employees who, nevertheless, find coping with modern technology something of a challenge. For their benefit in particular, as well as to ensure a smooth transition from a primarily manual operation to one that is almost entirely automated, investing in a package that is easy to use, as well as performing all of the essential salaries and wages-related functions would be wise. Spending several weeks in wrestling with a protracted learning curve is not only counter-productive and, quite possibly, very costly, but, perhaps more seriously, it can also serve to frustrate and demotivate the new users.

OK, so what is needed is a user-friendly package that is able to produce legally compliant payslips. That would certainly be a good start. However, a great deal more than this will be required of a payroll software system if it is to justify its purchase price. For a start, each task that must be performed manually consumes an employee’s time, adds to the cost of the operation, and exposes that task to the risk of human error.

In practice, a system that has been built to a modular design and is able to integrate seamlessly with other modules, such as a compatible time and attendance program, would be the ideal choice. The latter would provide the data stream from which each individual’s income could then be calculated based upon actual hours worked.  When combined with the salaries and wages data providing details of all the relevant standard and one-off deductions and additions, overtime hours, holiday pay and so forth, the easy to use payroll software module is then able to complete the operation in minutes without any need for manual entries, and the attendant possibility of errors.

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