How Your Small Business Benefits from Using an Easy Online Payroll System

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to keep overhead costs low. Having to appoint a person just to handle the payroll function because of the complexity of learning new software is simply not economical. You need a system that enables you to input data from anywhere and anytime without an excessive learning curve.

The answer is an easy online payroll system, such as PayDay Virtual, that enables you to administer the HR function without having a dedicated team to handle leave applications and more. You want an easy online system that has standard reporting features, such as monthly predefined reports or key data regarding specific groups of employees.

You want an easy-to-learn and -use online payroll system that makes it possible to effortlessly keep track of tax information and enables you to process and issue the IRP5 certificates. The type of online software you require should make it easy for employees to view their personal information and leave data. The system must be able to process specified leave applications. Fortunately, PayDay Virtual does all this and more.

How you benefit from using our easy-to-learn online payroll system:

  • Save money because data entry errors are reduced.
  • Reduce the risk of data loss with automated data backups.
  • Manage risk with data backups stored at an offsite location.
  • Improve data governance as access control is in place across the entire system through passwording.
  • Reduce the cost of managing the payroll, as you don’t need to purchase and update offline software with associated licensing issues and the relative infrastructure costs.
  • Improve employee morale, as you are able to make salary payments from anywhere.
  • Ensure employees have their salary information whether you are in the office or not, since you can email or print salary slips with the click of a button.
  • Ensure accuracy of payslip content as the system is always up to date and compliant with SARS and UIF.
  • Assist staff via an increase in employee self-help ability.
  • Reduce the need for excessive training in using payroll software.


With our cost effective and easy online payroll system, you can ensure accurate and streamlined salary and HR management. Indeed, PayDay Software Systems will even set up the system and predefine the earnings, deduction parameters and relative formulas for you. This makes it possible to migrate from your current system and enjoy easy online payroll management without a heavy capital layout. Give us a call to help you make the transition to the virtual world of HR and salary processing an easy one.