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HR and Payroll Management Software

What HR and Payroll Management Software Solution Do You Need? Streamlining the human resources management function together with accurate payroll management starts by getting the right HR and payroll management software for your company. We have the solution, offering you a fully integrated HR and…

Payroll Software Features

An Easy-to-Use Payroll System for Streamlined Salary Management Are you looking for software that includes all the features you need to ensure a comprehensive payroll and human resources system for your company? Consider the PayDay payroll software features below and you will agree that the…

Payroll Software for Large Business

How Will Your Large Business Benefit from Our Virtual Solution and Offline Payroll Software? With the high-speed internet of today, it is now possible for businesses to take their payroll management virtual. Indeed, apart from our offline payroll software for large businesses, we offer PayDay…

Payroll Software Packages

How Our Payroll Software Package Makes It Easy to Stay SARS and Legislative Compliant We make it possible to streamline various management functions in your business, whether you own a small business, manage a medium-sized company, or operate a larger enterprise. Our payroll software packages…

Payroll Software for 2018

What to Look for in Payroll Software for 2018 It is essential to invest in accurate and easy to manage payroll software for 2018, relevant to any size business that operates in South Africa. You want your payroll software to be relevant to the here…

Human Capital Software

How Integrated Human Capital Software Helps You to Hire and Retain the Right Talent Human capital is the most important asset of any organisation. Productive and efficient employees contribute towards the organisation’s success. Likewise, unproductive employees only looking out for their own interests are liabilities…

Payroll Systems in South Africa

How Advanced Payroll Systems Can Help to Address Remuneration and HR Management Issues Payroll problems can lead to widespread dissatisfaction among employees, especially if such problems cause delays in payments. Employees may become disgruntled when public holidays cause payment delays. This can also be the…

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