PayDay Virtual: Bringing Payroll and HR Systems Online

PayDay has created a whole new way of processing various payroll and HR tasks online. Removing the need to use paper, or invest in pricey custom made software, while also eliminating the need to come into an office or work at set hours, with the PayDay Virtual Online systems, you can transform the way that you do the most basic of tasks.

Built for easy access and easy use, the PayDay Virtual system is on par with the world’s greatest online payroll and HR systems. Ideal for all sorts of companies, from those launching start-ups to enterprises with a more sturdy footing, PayDay Virtual can be seamlessly incorporated into all establishments.

The Benefits of the PayDay Online Payroll and HR System

Apart from allowing you to work from anywhere, and removing the necessity of having loads of paperwork cluttering desks and office spaces, an online system, while not a new concept, is still quite revolutionary, especially since these days systems come with all kinds of incredible features.

The best systems are those that are easy to get a handle on and which can evolve as your company does.

No one has the time to spend fighting an immensely complicated piece of software. Not only does the system need to be easy to understand and learn, but it needs to grow and change as the company and the various financial regulations undergo changes.

If a system cannot grow, then it is going to be inconvenient to your day to day work?

And lastly, no one wants to have to battle to find the information applicable to their daily tasks and this is where online systems and their immense benefits come in.

These systems are easily updated

An online system is consistently updated by the developers who both host and maintain them.

When new information becomes available, and when clients give feedback regarding the kinds of features they are looking for in their online system, the developers can quickly implement them.

Additionally, systems are constantly being modified  to function faster and hold more data, ensuring that it is business as usual, even as the amount of work increases.


These systems are affordable

When the amount of work being processed, the number of features the system provides, and the consistent updates are taken into consideration, you will quickly find that the price of the system slots into the affordable range.

Consider also, that the system will serve you well for years on end. As it is developed continuously, you will see that this one system is all you will ever need.


These systems are made to be used

By this, we mean used by those who don’t have extensive computer literacy but who need the system in order to carry out the tasks that need doing. The user interface is laid out in a logical, easy to understand format and this allows the user to quickly navigate the system and complete their tasks.


The system is supported

Once the system is bought and implemented, the user will enjoy the support of our expert team. To give you great advice or to simply help you get setup and ready to go, having support means you won’t have downtime due to not knowing how to get the most out of the programme.


The system requires little hardware

A stable internet connection along with a trusty laptop or desktop PC is all that is needed to take full advantage of the software system. There is no need to buy pricey hardware that can only be used for one purpose.


It is supported on various browsers and devices

The system is made to be compatible with all sorts of browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and more, and it also works on all kinds of devices, including smartphones and tablets. This makes the software more versatile and allows the user to literally work from anywhere. No longer having to be office bound, the user can enjoy more freedom in their work day.


These systems come with a range of helpful features

The core features of these systems are really what makes it the ideal software to have. Core features of the PayDay Virtual system includes standard reporting, automatic updates, leave management, UIF and SARS compliance, payslip creation and more. A lot of systems provide automated services which means functions like payslip distribution can be done with a click of a button, rather than having to send each out individually.

PayDay Virtual is a revolutionary piece of software that is simplifying the way companies do their day to day admin. You can find out more about whether our system suits your needs by getting in touch with us.