PayDay is considered to be one of South Africa’s revolutionary online software system developers

Over the many years that we have been working in this intricate and quite fascinating world, we have perfected the various systems that we have developed, so that they perfectly integrate into all sorts of work environments and industries.

Our unique approach to software applications takes into consideration the user’s requirements and can be quite seamlessly used alongside other systems.

To make things easier for our clients, we have 5 specific software ranges for them to choose from and each serves a particular purpose in the workplace.


Payroll Software

Modern companies require modern solutions, and with Payroll Software, your company will never again struggle to process month end payments to employees. With this specific software solution, the end user has an accurate system at their disposal, one that is in line with latest payroll legislation while being incredibly user friendly.

The core features of this software makes it such a perfect addition to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The software processes data in real time, it is easy to use which means even those who are new to such systems will be able to get the grasp of it, it has audio and visual guidance, it can produce specific reports relating to tax, the software produces IRP5 forms and various other forms, it can handle automatic pay increases and salary scales, and it will give you a 12th month report on payslips.

The software reduces the need to have paper and since it is immensely accurate, human error is eliminated. Like all of PayDay’s software, the system can be used alongside others.

Human Capital Software

HR teams work under a lot of pressure but with the right software, users have a fully integrated system at their fingertips. The PayDay systems are immensely effective, efficient and really simple to use.

The core features of the HR software include easy use, a link to skills and equity modules for reports, a reminder system for important dates, multiple input screens, data integration, and set up codes.

The system is made to be used in all kinds of companies and will adapt to the growth of the business.

PayDay Visible – Time and Attendance

In this modern world, where so many are working remotely, now is absolutely the best time to introduce a virtual time and attendance system that will allow for time clocking and employee self-service.

PayDay Visible is ideal for remote working as well as for use in offices where access control is a matter of security. Our software is based on biometric technology, which when used in time and attendance software, is pretty much as secure as it gets.

With this software, users will be able to edit, review and approve the employees work times. This means the software will improve the accuracy of the payroll, it will help the company to gain full control over the labour costs through the use of smart scheduling, it will reduce the absenteeism of staff along with the related costs, the software will improve real time attendance and will accurately calculate overtime.

This software is pretty amazing at keeping track of everyone’s daily whereabouts and the amount of hours they are putting in. If you have a wide staff base, it will be vitally important that you have such a system. These systems are made to be secure and they are reliable. We have developed the system using the information given to us by our clients, which ensures that clients actually get the system they need.

PayDay Virtual – Online Payroll & HR Software

With software made to be user-friendly and easily accessible regardless of the browser or device you use, the PayDay Virtual software is the ideal solution regardless of the type of business you have. As is the trend with all of PayDay’s software, PayDay Virtual will work easily alongside other software.

The core features of this software includes standard reporting, the easy management of employee leave, SARS and UIF compliance, PDF payslip creation, access to historic records, the automatic calculation of statutory reports, and automated backups.

PayDay Visual – ESS

The last of the PayDay software that we have available to clients also happens to be the best paperless technology. Employee self-service or ESS is able to save time and money, and it is easy to adapt to. The system is designed to give employees live leave balances, access to IRP5 forms, access to the last 11 months of payslips, it gives managers access to overtime and leave matrices, employees can apply for leave via online applications and the software also allows employees to update their personal information via the platform.

Should you be interested in any of these software applications, you can contact us for more information as well as advice and pricing.