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Payroll Software


PayDay's payroll software provides fast accurate payroll processing as a standalone.

Human Capital


Now there's a smarter more efficient way to handle all your Human Resource functions.

Time and Attendance


PayDay's Time and Attendance solution helps manage your workforce.

Employee Self Service Application

Employees can update their basic information, apply for leave,  download their payslips and IRP5 documents.

Solutions that work since 1989 

Our success comes from the TRUST our staff, clients, business partners and investors have in one another.

PayDay Software Systems is a leading, professional Payroll and Human Resources Software Company used by small to large businesses, accountants and municipalities that adds value via the application of a client-oriented and user-empowerment approach.

We believe that our honesty, integrity, product knowledge and customer service constitute the basis of our shared values. Our success comes from the TRUST our staff, clients, business partners and investors have in one another. This crucial factor is not acquired overnight, but achieved through constantly delivering the best quality along with first class service every time.

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PayDay Software Simplified with Training

Inspiration from the top



Interacting with a great payroll software system that is simple to use and suits every aspect of your business is key to having a simplified approach to month end processes and other important admin work that can be time-consuming.

Many businesses waste too many hours struggling with complicated payroll software. We’ve made payroll easy by introducing superb, easy to use software that you can rely on.

PayDay is one of South Africa’s leading payroll, time and attendance, and human capital software providers.
We also offer our clients a host of excellent training courses.

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At PayDay, we strive to assist our users with gaining the best experience from our software. We offer great report writing courses and educational human resource management courses each designed to give those working in the sector the knowledge they need. Our business solutions are ideal for companies of all sizes and our solutions are guaranteed to help your company grow.
We’ve been in business since 1989 and our 30 years of experience has made us industry leaders. We’ve assisted countless small, medium and large companies to simplify the way they do payroll and the way they manage and organise their team. Our approach is client-orientated and over the years our knowledge has been passed on to all types of businesses and business people, as well as municipalities throughout South Africa.

Software you can rely on

In our line of work, it’s all about empowering our clients so that they can grow their business in the direction they want it to grow. As companies grow larger, so do their organisational needs and as such, they require better systems than they might have been using before. And not everyone has the time to learn how to use these complex systems, so we aim to make it as easy as possible for our clients to get to grips with the new technology we have to offer.
Our products are intuitive and exceptionally user-friendly. Our software is the result of much research and consultation with clients, all with the aim of finding out what they really need and want.

Time and Attendance

An especially important piece of software for any company with flexible hours or overtime, time and attendance software can make payroll simple come month end. With our software, you can manage your workforce with ease and track those workers who are out of office. All types of companies, regardless of their size or the industry in which they work, can benefit from this software and its automated time and attendance features.

Employee Self Service

Printing and distributing the IRP 5 tax form, one of any employees most important tax documents, is now a thing of the past. With our self-service software, employees can access their IRP 5 forms online and print it whenever they need it. This will help your HR team to completely streamline the process and it will give your employees peace of mind knowing that they can access the past 5 years IRP5’s and 12 months payslips at any time.

Human Resource Software

The more efficiently you can handle your HR, the better for your company. Our HR software will allow you to effectively simplify your workflow and ensure that everything is completed exactly when it should be. The entire employee life cycle can be managed all from this one simple system, making this department more organised.

Payroll Software

The faster and the more accurately you complete the payroll process, the sooner you can get this often stressful task out of the way. Our payroll software can function perfectly on its own or it can be integrated with our HR software, lessening human error. The system is backed up by constant maintenance and developments, ensuring that it remains the best of its kind. Our online payroll software will grow with your business, making it one of the most flexible systems of its kind.
We’re changing the way companies manage staff and workflow. Our payroll software is ideal for clients based in Africa and is perfectly suitable for companies of all kinds.

Compliant software you can trust

Working with tax documents and salaries means having to work closely within the confines of the law. Sub-par software can lead to issues that go beyond basic delays, and this could come back to bite in the future. We’ve made sure that the software we provide is fully compliant with SARS and it will make payments and deductions a monthly breeze.

Now is the best time to get your admin and payroll organised. Browse through our site to see all we have to offer and buy the best payroll software system that will give you the support you need.

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