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If you missed it, here are a few highlights from the 2018 Budget Speech

Limited relief for the effect of inflation in adjusting Personal Income Tax rates resulting in additional tax of R6.8 billion

Value-Added Tax rate increases from 14% to 15% on 1 April 2018
Estate Duty rate increases from 20% to 25% on dutiable amount of estates of more than R30 million
Donations Tax rate increases from 20% to 25% on donations of more than R30 million
Minister of Finance to approve six special economic zones for tax relief
Increased Excise Duties on tobacco and alcohol
General Fuel Levy increases by 22 cents per litre and Road Accident Fund levy increases by 30 cents per litre on 4 April 2018

Increased Environmental taxes on plastic bags, incandescent light bulbs and vehicle emissions tax, and the new health promotion levy on sugary beverages are effective from 1 April 2018


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