Where to Find the Best Payroll Software Solution in South Africa

When it comes to payroll management for your firm, you want a solution that streamlines the functions of salary calculation, leave applications, and third-party payments. What you do not want is payroll software that cannot grow with your firm. As such, you will want the top payroll software solution in South Africa, and that means software designed specifically for the South African employment environment.

The answer lies with PayDay Software Systems. We provide a solution that will help you keep at the top of things, including tax compliance, human resource management, and accounting, as relevant to South Africa. More importantly, our solution can grow with your firm. We also make it possible to choose the virtual option, helping the smaller business owner to make salary payments and stay at the top of their game with a streamlined software solution.

Let us a look at some of the features of our solution to help you understand why it should be the first choice if you are looking for the top payroll software solution in South Africa.

Fully Integrated Payroll, Human Capital and Time & Attendance Solution

Ease the pain of having to work with different solutions for managing human capital, training, salaries & wages, and time & attendance. Use a solution that makes it possible to manage and retain valuable personnel, while also being able to calculate overtime easily by having it linked to the time & attendance system. By implementing PayDay Software Systems’ payroll software, you reduce the risk of errors in wage calculations through an effective and fully integrated solution.

Payroll Management Made Easy with PayDay Software Systems

The payroll management function of South Africa has several features in common with other countries, yet we have labour laws and tax regulations, unique to South Africa. As such, it is essential to have a solution designed for issues such as UIF, pension fund, as well as unions and medical aid contributions. The solution we offer at PayDay Software Solutions includes features such as a General Ledger interface, budget, third-party payments, time & attendance interfaces, third-party HR system interfaces, and more. As such, it is comprehensive enough to streamline the payroll management function, yet, easy to learn. In addition, it comes with audio and visual guidance throughout.

Our payroll software helps you to keep track of salary increases with automatic salary increase features and salary scales. It is a real-time concept, with live payslip screens. It also makes tax compliance easier with electronic files for submission to SARS via the e-filing system.

Do not settle for second best when it comes to payroll management functionality. Invest in one of the top software solutions in South Africa by making use of PayDay Software Systems’ payroll software.