Windows PayDay Updates

W.0 Pension and other Fund contributions e@syFile communication. Download
W.1 PayDay Full Update 5.6 (27/09/2017) (±117 MB) Download
W.2 E.S.S Windows IIS Update 5.6 (27/09/2017) (±1.2 MB) Download
W.3 ESS Linux Apache Update 5.6 (27/09/2017) (±3.3 MB) Download
W.4 MunPay Update 5.56 (27/09/2017) (±109 MB) Download
W.5 PulaPay Update 5.6 (27/09/2017) (±115 MB) Download
W.6 Release Notes 5.6 (27/09/2017) (±1.3 MB) (PDF Document) Download
W.7 Retirement Reform Guide Download
W.8 Video Clip Help (±16 MB) Download
W.9 Setup Thin Client PC's (±21 MB) Download
W.10 Latest RSA IRP5 program - PDNITS18 (27/09/2017) (Please call Payroll Support for assistance with this.) Download
W.11 RFS Setup Instructions (Municipal clients only) Download
W.12 PayDay Time and Attendance Manual (±10.5MB) Download
W.13 SCOA Version 5.4 Segments Import File (NB: Right Click and choose 'Save Link As') Download
W.14 Demonstration Software (06/07/2017) (±108.6MB) Download
W.15 Additional SCOA Documentation (Municipal clients only) Download
W.16 Support Consultant PSM Manuals (19/10/2016) Download
W.17 National Treasury JOB AID CSD upload instructions Download
W.18 National Treasury JOB AID CSV-CSD program (06/07/2017) Download

Other Downloads

O.1 Active X Controls (1.4MB) Download
O.2 AcuThin 6.1.0 Stub (1.2MB) Download
O.3 AcuThin 8.1.0 Stub (2.5MB) Download
O.4 AcuThin 8.1.1 Stub (2.5MB) Download
O.5 Standard Config File (±0.1MB) Download
O.6 Standard GT Runtime 6.1.0 (±3.8MB) Download
O.7 Standard GT Runtime 8.1.0 (±2.5MB) Download
O.8 Standard GT Runtime 8.1.1 (±2.5MB) Download
O.9 Standard GT Runtime 8.1.1 (64/32 Bit)(±64.9MB) Download
O.A Adobe Reader Download
O.B 7-Zip Free File Compression Utility (±1.05MB) Download
O.C Salgasps File1 (±31KB) Download
O.D Salgasps File2 (±567KB) Download
O.E Standard GT Runtime (64/32 Bit)(±90MB) Download
O.F Standard GT Runtime 9.2.3 Full Version (32 Bit)(±123MB) Download
O.G Standard GT Runtime 9.2.3 Compact Version (32 Bit)(±3.5MB) Download
O.H Standard GT Runtime 9.2.3 Full Version (64 Bit)(±123MB) Download

Click on desired update and choose “Save” from the menu. You’ll be prompted to select a download location. Choose a location where you’ll be able to find the file again easily and click “Save“. Once the download is complete you’ll have to contact us on 012 – 8037730 so that we can provide you with a password to activate the update.