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Human Resource Systems

Everything You Need to Manage Your Payroll and Human Resources Effectively Ensure statutory compliance and streamline your payroll and human resource management with our range of payroll and human resource systems, whether you own a small company or operate a national group of companies. Virtual…

Affordable HR Software

Optimise your Human Capital Management Function with Affordable HR Software While not always the case in years past, the average business owner of today is now far more accepting of the fact that their workforce is the company’s most valuable asset. It follows, therefore, that…

Easy to Use Payroll Systems

Improve Control and Reduce Workload with Easy to Use Payroll Systems   If you are looking for easy to use payroll systems, then look no further than PayDay Software Systems. We offer turn-key solutions with various modules to streamline all your payroll functions.   The…

Time and Attendance Software

5 Convincing Reasons to Get Time and Attendance Software   Time and attendance management can be a daunting task if you rely on manual recording of details as it entails piles of paper work and adds to the administrative load of HR personnel. In addition,…

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